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Pool Resurfacing Plus provides superb quality and professional pool remodeling services in Gilbert, Arizona. Our team works to make your pool better and give your home a better view.

At Pool Resurfacing Plus we believe that it is an absolute necessity to have a space within your home where you can relax and stay to disconnect from the world even just for a little while. By adding rock decor, full pool resurfacing, and other playful water features. We can give you your very own oasis, right at home. With the help of our professionals that are certified and trained in pool remodeling and renovation, we can take on any project to make your dream pool reality.

No need to worry if you have no clue where to begin. Our pool experts will be there to guide you throughout the whole project and answer all your queries about the design and installation process that your pool has to go through. After all, we are one of the best pool resurfacing contractors in Gilbert.

Signs it's time to get your swimming pool remodeled

Even the most beautiful and expensive swimming pool needs to get remodeled after some time. It is vital to be aware of common signs that you should look out for to prevent expensive repairs before remodeling. These include:


Some pool owners may think that pool renovations and remodels are exclusively for aesthetic purposes, but that is really not true. Physical damages that can be spotted have a major effect on the general state of your pool. These effects can be the reason why you should get your swimming pool revamped.

Repairing a leaking cracked pool wall can provide a quick patch but there might be more issues at play that can cause the leak to reappear. Sometimes, this type of issue is caused by poor installation of construction materials.

Leaking can cause irreversible effects on your pool's concrete substructure. When this happens, a complete renovation is necessary. It also ensures that your pool would be free of these kinds of issues in the future.

Inefficient Energy Usage

When was your pool constructed? If the answer is more than a decade ago, it's time for an upgrade! Our remodeling services utilize energy-efficient and eco-friendly design to help you save money by decreasing energy consumption.

Outdated Plumbing, Pump, and Filter

Your plumbing, pump, and filter are very important to keep your pool water clean and clear at all times. The most common reason why they need to be replaced is because they are outdated. Make sure to be on the lookout for these signs that indicate issues with your plumbing, pump, and filter:

  • Loud vibrations, humming, and rumbles
  • Excessive grinding and screeching noise
  • Bubbles in swimming pool
  • Loss of suction and pressure
  • Pool requires frequent cleaning
  • Frequent breaker box issues
  • Old Equipment

If your pool was made over a decade ago, there is a large possibility that the installed equipment is also outdated. If you find yourself dealing with constant leaks, unnatural noises when you get the equipment running, or general inefficiency when it comes to cleaning. Then it is clearly the best time to get a new filter system or pump installed.

New swimming pool equipment also provides a drastically better convenience. The control box is ancient history. Some systems can even be connected to your cell phone or other devices where you can get automation on a custom schedule.

Outdated Lighting

Even though outdated lighting is a minor reason to get your pool remodeled, it's also one that you should consider. Broken and unreliable lights can pose safety issues for the whole family, especially for children and pets you have.

Broken lighting is more likely caused by an electrical problem. A remodel allows the team to repair any underlying issues and upgrade your system. Instead of going for incandescent bulbs, we highly suggest LED lights for maximum efficiency in terms of function and cost.

You may also want color-changing lights to add a pop of fun to your swimming pool. They're great for parties, and it sure does add a dash of color to your pool.

Outdated Pool Style

While some old pools have a charming vintage look to them, outdated pool styles can be a total inconvenience. It is not as eco-friendly and energy-efficient compared to newer ones, costing you more money in utility bills. A complete renovation will give your swimming pool the latest equipment and a fresh look.

Faded Deck

Here are some signs you should watch out for that indicates that it's about time to give your pool deck a renovation:

  • Cracks and fractures
  • Natural growth (algae, mold, weeds, etc.)
  • Wood rot
  • Outdated design
  • Chemical stains
  • Chipped paint, scratches, and scuffs
  • Fading color due to sun exposure
  • Limited Features

Do you like hosting parties and gatherings, or do you often have a difficult time because of the current state of your yard in Gilbert? Does your pool lack that crucial feature that allows you to use it as a part of your receiving area for your guests? You can add a few elements to turn it into a guest-friendly space like a grill, a spa, a fireplace, or even a hot tub! A pool remodel and renovation can help your build those as well!

Outgrown Pool Size

We understand that families grow and sometimes, the size of your swimming pool can no longer accommodate you and your family to comfortably swim. Whether you want to extend your pool or give it a size down for yard space, Pool Resurfacing Plus’ customized renovations can build whatever you decide to go for. We can also do pool plastering if that's what you need.


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