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A pool needs to be completed by a company that understands the importance of the task. After all, a pool is going to last for many years, and therefore, the work needs to be done following reputable standards and procedures. Our company consistently does things, and we continually provide exceptional results. We have a reputation in the region for pool resurfacing services, and we are ready to provide you with the best services that you could hope for. We are ranked number one for our customer service, professionalism, and more importantly, the results. Call today to hire the best pool resurfacing contractors in Gilbert, AZ.


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Chad Odom
Chad Odom
We recently had the swimming pool at our winter time home in Gilbert remodeled and wow was it over due. It's an older house and pool and we finally decided to get the pool and spa worked on. We pretty much have a new swimming pool now. We had some cracks and leaks repaired, the entire pool and spa were resurfaced with a white diamond plaster, new coping around the pool and spa and we had all of the pool equipment, pump, filters, etc replaced with brand new. Pool Resurfacing Plus provided a reasonable price and I especially loved how their pricing was itemized. Other pool builders lumped a lot of things together so it was hard to tell how much each item cost. The on-site consultation was very helpful in determining exactly what was going to get done and how much it would cost. I am very happy and pleased with the result of the pool and spa upgrades and I would definitely recommend Pool Resurfacing Plus for pool remodeling.

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Pool Resurfacing

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Pool  Resurfacing

Pool Resurfacing is the process of repairing and refinishing the surface of a pool. It is usually necessary after the pool has been damaged by wear and tear, inclement weather, or other factors. The resurfacing process can involve anything from patching small cracks to completely rebuilding the surface of the pool. In most cases, resurfacing will extend the life of a pool by several years.

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Pool Remodeling

Pool remodeling is the process of making changes and improvements to an existing pool. This can include anything from replacing worn or damaged parts, to adding new features or changing the overall design. Whether you’re looking to update your pool’s appearance or make it more functional, remodeling is a great way to achieve your goals. If considering a pool remodel, be sure to work with a professional to avoid mistakes.

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Pool Plastering

Pool plastering is the process of applying a thin layer of plaster to the surface of a pool. Plaster is a type of cement that is mixed with water and sand, and it provides a smooth, hard surface that is ideal for swimming pools. Pool plastering is used in the construction of new pools, and also be used to repair existing pools that have cracks or other damage.

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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing can give it a fresh, new look. There are a few different options for resurfacing, including concrete overlays, stone veneers, and stamped concrete. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it's important to do research before making a decision. There are many different choices available, you're sure to find an option that is perfect for your pool.

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Pool Equipment Installation

Pool equipment installation is the process of putting in place the different machines and devices that are necessary for the proper functioning of a swimming pool. This includes the pumps, filters, skimmers, heaters, and other such devices. This includes the installation of the various pipes and hoses needed to connect these different pieces of equipment. Proper installation is essential for ensuring that the pool is safe and reliable.

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Pool Equipment Repair

Repairs on swimming pool equipment are generally either the replacement of a faulty component or the correction of equipment that is not operating correctly. Filters and pumps, for example, are often simple to repair, while more complex systems such as heaters may be more difficult. As a result, it's critical to think about what kind of repair is required before starting your project.

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Pool Resurfacing Plus Serves Gilbert, AZ and the Surrounding Areas

Do you need a reliable and professional pool resurfacing contractor in Gilbert? If so, Gilbert Pool Resurfacing will restore your pool surfaces to a beautiful look and feel to enjoy for years to come.

Over time and use, your swimming pool surface may acquire unsightly stains or just looks old. When you are unsatisfied with your pool’s surface, it’s time to hire an experienced pool resurfacing contractor to resurface the interior. With modern technology, today’s pool finishes are now available in a wide variety of structurally-sound and attractive finishes. From gunite pool resurfacing to pool plastering, Gilbert Pool Resurfacing gets the job done fast. Contact us today!

Types of Pool Resurfacing Materials

There are a wide variety of materials that Gilbert Pool Resurfacing uses to revive your pool’s surfaces for a safe, durable and attractive finish that you will enjoy for years to come.


Gunite is a popular pool resurfacing material. Known for its durability and strength, gunite resurfacing material is a mixture of sand and concrete that is slowly “shot” over a welded network of steel reinforcement bars (or “rebar”).

Gunite pool contractors can usually finish an installation within a day, though more elaborate pool designs may require a few days to accommodate the drying process, and then building atop the dried gunite.

Gunite itself dries into a coarse mixture that is more coarse for most swimmers, but can be used as a base for pools that are not designed for human usage, such as koi ponds and reflecting pools. Because of this, gunite pool resurfacing is used as a base for the materials listed below.

Speak with qualified gunite pool contractors in Gilbert, AZ to learn what the best use of this material is in your home.

White Plaster

For most homeowners, white plaster is the most cost-effective surface available to apply to your swimming pool and is the most popular choice for homeowners.

White plaster, or marcite, is composed of a number of aggregate materials that not only gives it strength, but also an unmistakable beauty. This includes white Portland cement with a pozzolan admixture (for strength), with white marble dust sand (for beauty) to create the plaster formula.

While plaster is an attractive surface that gives you a freshwater look. However, white plaster does require strict attention to maintain a like-new look. White plaster is very susceptible to surface stains than other pool surfaces with aggregate/pebble admixtures, where algae, paint, or leaching dyes from untreated bathing suits can leave marks that require cleaning.

White plaster is typically left in its natural white finish, but color can be added. However, colored white plaster can lead to problems when exposed to pool chemicals over time. These chemical can lead to uneven color streaks or mottling (a natural but uneven greying of the white plaster). Speaking with experienced Gilbert pool plastering contractors can shed light on which chemicals cause these defects and what steps you can take to prolong the beauty of your pool.

Thanks to modern mixing methods and aggregate materials used by expert pool resurfacing contractors in Gilbert, Arizona, color mixtures are now available in a wide variety of attractive colors.

Quartz Plaster

As a mid-level option above white plaster, quartz plaster is becoming the go-to option for homeowners that want the durability of plaster with a more attractive finish. Quartz plaster is renowned for its visual appeal, giving your pool a luxurious, unique look through custom blending options.

As a natural progression in the pool resurfacing industry, quartz plaster is comprised of the materials used to make white plaster (Portland cement, pozzolan) with the addition of quartz granules. This has led to a revolution in pool surfacing design, where color can be permanently bonded to it to avoid streaking and fading.

Quartz as a building material is renowned for its use as a durable building material that’s often featured in kitchen countertops. In fact, quartz is an extremely tough material that is harder than steel.

The only drawback to quartz plaster is that the colts that can be added to it are somewhat limited, leading to more subtle color variations like Tahoe blue, anvil black, and creamy white.


Of all the pool finishes available from Gilbert Pool Resurfacing, pebble pool surfaces are the top choice for durability and stain-resistance. Pebble pool surfacing is a great choice, as it can be blended with colored quartz or a glass bead mixture that gives it a voluptuous visual appeal and a one-of-a-kind blend that can be tailored to every customer’s wishes.

Because of all the options available for homeowners, speaking with a qualified and knowledgeable pool resurfacing contractor in Gilbert is a must for all pebble pool finishes.

If you are in need of a new pool surface, please contact Gilbert Pool Resurfacing today to receive a free estimate. As the most trusted concrete pool resurfacing contractors in Gilbert, AZ, we know that our customers deserve the best in design and customization available.

Why Choose Gilbert Pool Resurfacing for Your Swimming Pool

Since 1999, Gilbert Pool Resurfacing has served the needs of our customers in Arizona.

We believe that pool resurfacing is a relatively simple process that can be daunting for many homeowners. That’s why we offer the following qualities that makes our company the first-choice to get the job so you can spend more time relaxing in your beautiful home:


We get the job done when you need it on-time every time. Working with your schedule and needs, our pool resurfacing contractors in Gilbert get work completed in a fast and efficient timeframe without having projects drag on for weeks on end.


Our certified team of pool resurfacers understand the unique challenges that comes with creating a pool resurfacing that stands the test of time in Arizona’s unique climate.

Customer Service

Your peace of mind is our top-priority. We offer accurate estimates, endless resurfacing options, and begin resurfacing immediately to bring new life to your pool.

There are plenty of Gilbert pool resurfacing contractors that promise fast service and sound design. However, only Gilbert Pool Resurfacing has over two decades of experience to create pools that stand the test of time. When choosing a pool resurfacing contractor in Gilbert, the choice is clear: Gilbert Pool Resurfacing.

To give you an idea of how pool resurfacing works, read on to learn how we transform your pool each step of the way.

Step by Step Guide to Pool Resurfacing

Step 1:

Draining the Pool

The first step to resurface your pool begins by draining the pool to create a workspace. We send an employee to prepare the site and drain your swimming pool, dropping a submersible pump into the water to begin the process.

Because your pool may be equipped with lighting fixtures, our contractors will tag each light fixture and switches with signage that warns you to not turn on the lights while the pool is emptied. Depending on the size of your pool, this process can take several hours.

Step 2:


Once drained, we will begin preparing the surface of your pool based on your choice of materials. The preparation process involves sandblasting, stripping, and coating the surfaces for a seamless finish. Preparation is typically completed in one day, but larger surfaces and extensive damages can take longer.

Our expert crews thoroughly prepare your pool surface by first removing the old damaged surface material and preparing it to adequately receive the new surface material of your choice. This stage of the process is the loudest and messiest, producing harmful dust and debris. To mitigate this, we cover dust from escaping, dispose of the debris, and protect your backyard area as much as possible with industry-standard best-practices.

Furthermore, we encourage homeowners to remove any patio furniture and potted plants from the surrounding pool area, as well as covering any outside structures with tarps to ensure that your backyard is restored to the same clean environment before we begin the process.

Step 3:

Tile and Masonry Installation

Now that your swimming pool has been prepared, the next phase of the process involves the installation of your selected pool tile and masonry options by highly-skilled tile and masonry craftsman. This also includes other decorative options such as ledger stone.

At this stage of the process, we confirm that every detail regarding your swimming pool and outdoor living area is documented and complete before this step begins. This includes such considerations as grout color and type of tiling. If you have any second thoughts or design considerations, it is important to request these details before work begins in earnest.

Once confirmed, the masonry and tile installation process will take anywhere from 1 to 3 complete working days depending on the design and materials selected.

Step 4:

Plumbing and Sealing

Once the masonry and tile is complete, the next step is to seal the plumbing and address any issues that could potentially lead to leaks in the future. Our experienced contractors will ensure a water-tight seal and inspect the tile/masonry work for the pool finish. as a courtesy, we will also wash your pool shell at this time.

Step 5:

Pool Finish Material Installation

Now it is time for adding the pool surface finish material you selected. At this stage of the process, you will see how your newly-refinished pool begins to take shape. As with other steps in this process, installing pool finishing material will take 1 to 2 days depending on your material selection.

Step 6:

Acid Wash (optional)

Acid washing your pool surface is a necessary step if you’ve selected certain finishing materials, including pebble, dark quartz, or other type of finish. Our specially-trained crew will perform this step in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

For those with household pets and young children, it is advisable for homeowners to keep them inside during acid washing to prevent accidental exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Step 7:


Unlike most concrete pool resurfacing contractors in Gilbert, Arizona, we take cleanup seriously and don’t leave unsightly, hazardous messes for homeowners to deal with. Our qualified pool resurfacing contractors understand that a job well-done is one that does not destroy your home with messes.

Step 8:

Pool Filling

Once the specified material has been installed and optional acid wash is complete, we will start to fill your pool with water. We ask that all homeowners keep an eye on the water level as it fills, as it can take 12 to 24 hours to completely fill your pool. We recommend that homeowners turn the water off once the water level hits the middle of your waterline tile.

Step 9:

Initial Water Treatment/Surface Curing

The final step in the pool resurfacing process, several procedures need to be performed to allow the new pool surface to cure as evenly as possible. Our trained professional will return to the completed worksite to ensure that there are no leaks or color bleeds from the newly-installed material. If there are any errors or complications that occur, rest assured that our pool resurfacing contractors will rectify these problems if they occur.

This process requires regular monitoring and service during the first seven days of the curing process, so expect a follow up on Gilbert Pool Resurfacing to ensure that the final products meets and exceeds your expectations.

3 Signs That Show That It’s Time To Consider Swimming Pool Resurfacing in Gilbert, Arizona

Time and use can take its toll on your inground swimming pool. While wear and tear on a swimming pool over an extended period of time is unavoidable, pressurized water, disinfecting chemicals, and Arizona’s unrelenting sunshine year after year can erode once-new pools and degrade the value of your home.

There are three major signs that you should look out for that show that it’s time to hire a professional pool resurfacing contractor in Gilbert:

  • Stains
  • Texture
  • Leaks


Stains come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Generally speaking, a stain on your pool’s surface is only superficial damage. This means that the problem is more of an aesthetic one than a structural one. However, every time you look at your swimming pool, you will be reminded that it could be better.

The following are some of the most common reasons for pool surface stains to appear:

  • Leaves, branches, and other natural debris
  • Algae (green algae)
  • Chemicals like chlorine and muriatic acid
  • Mineral deposits
  • Ink and dyes from untreated clothing

When stains grow in size or quantity, you may be tempted to remove them yourself. These DIY efforts may be effective for small stains, but inexperience can lead to further damage of pool surface materials. Worse, stains will pop up in different places if you don’t determine the origin of these problems Very often, older pool surfaces degrade over time and were not created with longevity in mind. This is especially true if you recently purchased a home from a previous owner that may not have used one of the few reputable concrete pool resurfacing contractors in Gilbert.

If repeated attempts to clean up and remove these stains are unsuccessful, then it’s a good sign that you should hire the most professional and recommended pool resurfacing contractor in Gilbert, Gilbert Pool Resurfacing.


The feel of your pool is more important than the look of your pool. After all, a tougher texture will create an unwelcoming environment for diving in the pool, only to get cuts and scrapes on your skin from rough surfaces.

If you believe that your pool is rougher than it should be or that the underlying gunite is beginning to show through, then it is time to hire a pool resurfacing contractor in Gilbert. These are clear signs that your pool surface is deteriorating and it will only worsen over time.

As professional advice, be sure to look for unbalanced pH levels in your pool water. Unbalanced PH levels can deteriorate your pool’s lining and lead to uncomfortable pitting. One clear warning sign is whether or not your pool requires more frequent cleaning than usual. If so, it is more than likely true that a chemical imbalance is the source of these problems.


If you notice your water level dropping or frequently needing to refill it, then it’s likely that your pool has a substantial leak. While Arizona’s heat and dryness cause evaporation, leaks can cause significant drops in your water level, leading to chlorinated water leaking on your property and substantial water bills.

Just like a deteriorating pool surface, leaks in your pool will only get worse if left unaddressed. Until a full resurfacing is performed by a pool resurfacing contractor in Gilbert, you can expect leaks to worsen and several damage to your property. Contact the concrete pool resurfacing experts at Gilbert Pool Resurfacing today to learn how our professional and certified contractors can repair.

How Long Does It Take to Resurface My Pool?

If you have finally decided to resurface your swimming pool to gain the peace of mind you deserve, you may be asking: How long does it to resurface my pool?

To give you an idea of how much time you might be spent refurbishing your pool, the average timeframe can be as short as a few days for minor resurfacing work - or, if substantial leaks are discovered and your need a complete overhaul to bring your pool back to its original quality, two weeks is the average timeframe. This includes curing for new materials, any additional work that needs to be performed (i.e. plumbing issues), and troubleshooting any problems that may occur.

This is a relatively short time frame to go from an unsightly and problematic pool to one that will bring years of hassle-free enjoyment. Plus, if you’re planning to sell your property, the value of your home will go for a higher closing price, which means a positive ROI and a shorter closing period.

Contact the most qualified pool plastering contractors in Gilbert today, serving Arizona and the greater Phoenix Metropolitan area for over two decades: Gilbert Pool Resurfacing

Scheduling Residential Maintenance Services with Gilbert Pool Resurfacing

Just like any other structure on your property, pools will age and degrade over time and usage. To rectify any problems and address any developing issues, Gilbert Pool Resurfacing employs a team of skilled experts that are trained to perform a thorough inspection of your swimming pool and/or spa.

We use top-of-the-line equipment to check all the primary equipment for leaks, malfunctions, and operations. This includes your pump, heater, filter, drains, and any other equipment in your surrounding pool area. Our contractors inspect the liner or plaster, tiling, and coping for signs of aging that can lead to problems. We also assess any problems that will occur in coming years so you can enjoy uninterrupted use of your pool.

FAQ About Pool Resurfacing

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about pool resurfacing:
How long does it take to receive a quote from Gilbert Pool Resurfacing for pool or spa resurfacing?
Generally speaking, we are able to meet with you to discuss your pool restoration within 1 day after you contact us. Formal written quotes will be delivered within 24 hours after meeting with you and determining your needs.
How long after I accept Gilbert Pool Resurfacing’s quote will the project begin?
During most months of the year, we are able to begin most restorations approximately 2 to 4 days after signing documents to begin work. Bear in mind that the busier months may lead to delays, as well as your personal scheduling conflicts such as other renovations performed at your home or dangerous summer temperatures that may limit regular working hours.
When is the best time of the year for pool remodeling?
Due to Arizona’s great weather year round, swimming pools may be resurfaced at any time of the year. However, due to the increased demand during the summer months. it is best to schedule your project during the less-busy winter months to receive prompt service.
How long will it take to resurface my swimming pool?
After a brief inspection, our team of certified inspectors will determine the extent of previous damage and what will be required to restore your pool for maximum enjoyment year round. On average, most basic resurfacing jobs only take 3 to 4 days; more extensive work will take longer, especially if other companies are needed to handle jobs outside of our industry (ex. deck resurfacing).
How much does it cost to resurface a pool?
Every pool is different, but we work with your budget constraints to deliver a pool that stands up to the test of time. Contact Gilbert Pool Resurfacing today to learn more about how you can benefit from the best pool plastering contractors in Gilbert, AZ.
Are there any other repairs that I should consider doing to the pool at the same time as it is being resurfaced?

Refurbishment is often the best time to handle other repairs that are taking place at the same time. Though there may be scheduling difficulties, Gilbert Pool Resurfacing can work with your contractors or recommend our favorite companies to deliver a comprehensive solution for your home.

The following are some of the types of projects we usually work in conjunction with:

  • Tile and coping
  • Cantilever decks
  • New decks
  • Plumbing and electrical under the decks
  • Skimmer
  • Floor cleaning system:
  • Pool lights
  • Fittings
  • Wall steps
  • Trim tile

The staff at Gilbert Pool Resurfacing will be happy to further discuss any pool upgrades you may be considering and create an actionable plan to make your home and swimming home like new again.

Are there any phases of construction that are particularly messy?
Let’s face it: pool resurfacing is a messy job. And the messiest part of the job involves tearing out old pool surfaces and starting from scratch to ensure that there are no leaks. We strongly encourage our customers to shut all windows, move furniture and plants away from the work area, and keep children and pets away from the work area during construction.

That being said, our professional and courteous staff will do everything we can to minimize dust and scattered debris. It’s for these reasons that Gilver Pool Resurfacing is one of the top-rated finite pool contractors in Gilbert, AZ.
Should we use the local water supply in Gilbert to refill our newly-remodeled pool?
In most cases, filling your pool with the local municipal water supply by hose is the only cost-effective decision that makes sense. The only alternative is the purchase of water by truck, which is generally cost-prohibitive. Be aware that special precautions should be taken when using well water or water that is soft, as these can cause more damage to your pool than other sources.

For more information on refilling your pool in the safest and most economical way possible, consult the staff at Gilbert Pool Resurfacing for more information.

Love Your Pool Again


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Lago Estancia is a neighborhood in the southern part of Gilbert, Arizona. The western boundary of Lago Estancia is the west Lago Boulevard and it extends up to the east side which is the south Gilbert Road. There are a few prominent lakes in this neighborhood that gives it a scenic and distinctive view.
Marbella Vineyard
Marbella Vineyard is located on the far southeastern side of Gilbert, Arizona. The Marbella Vineyards is located at the center and heart of Gilbert, AZ. This is one of the most well-established communities if Gilbert it only started developing back in 2005 and it’s still evolving ever since.
Jakes Ranch
Jakes Ranch is seated on the far south side of Gilbert, Arizona. It is a neighborhood that was first established in 1999 and has been developing rapidly ever since. The community is between East Buffalo St. and East Frye Road.
Artemina is at the west side of Gilbert, Arizona. Artemina is a neighboring community of The Islands as it is located just a few miles north. This community can be accessed using the main East Elliot Road which is connected to the freeways that goes in and around Gilbert, Arizona.
Fincher Farms
Fincher Farms is located at the far southeastern side of Gilbert, Arizona. It’s a neighborhood was built around 2001 to present time. The whole west side of this neighborhood is along the South Key Biscayne, which makes it accessible.
Pecos Manor
Pecos Manor is on the southeastern side of Gilbert, Arizona. The entire east side of this neighborhood is along the South Recker Road and it's the neighborhood that houses the famous Pecos Manor. Because it's just along the way of a major road, it is accessible for folks coming from bigger cities.
Country Shadows
Country Shadows is on the far southeastern side of Gilbert, Arizona. The whole east side of this neighborhood is just along the South Higley Road while the small southern portion of the area is along the East Riggs Road. It’s a well-established community that has been around since 2004.
Farmhouse Meadows
Farmhouse Meadows sits near the center of Gilbert, Arizona. It is easily accessible through Gilbert Road which is its western border. This community was established back in 1997 and it has been developing and evolving ever since.
Neely Commons
Neely Commons sits in the southeastern part of Gilbert, Arizona and it's situated near the center of the city making it easy to access. Connected to the main East Warner Road and South Lindsay Road, going to the big cities won’t be a trouble when coming from this neighborhood.
Rancho Cimarron
Rancho Cimarron is located at the center of Gilbert, Arizona. The entire southern part of this neighborhood is just along the East Warner Road, making it extremely accessible coming from other parts in and around the city. It is a neighbor of communities like El Dorado Ranchos and Finsley Farm South.
Felty Farms
Felty Farms is a neighborhood in southern Gilbert. This is a well-established community that was completed in 2012. East Spur Road is the northern boundary of Felty Farms and East Ocotillo Road makes up the southern boundary. To the east is South Sailors Way and to the west is South Lindsay Road.
Neely Ranch
Neely Ranch is a neighborhood in west Gilbert that dates back to 1998. West Aviary Way makes up the northern limit of Neely Ranch and East Elliot Road makes up the southern limit. To the east is North Neely Street and to the west is North Cooper Road. The Riparian Preserve at Neely Ranch is also a wonderful feature to the neighborhood.
Rancho del Verde
Rancho del Verde is on the south side of Gilbert, Arizona. Its northern boundary is just along the west Ray Road and its entire eastern side is along the south Gilbert Road. This makes this neighborhood extremely accessible and convenient to come to when coming from different places in and around Gilbert, Arizona.


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