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Are you looking for the best pool deck resurfacing contractor in Gilbert? Then you came to the right place! We're sure pool owners are all so familiar with the unappealing appearance of their pool as daily exposure to varying weather conditions wear or tear their pool decking over time. You don't have to endure that eyesore any longer with the help of Pool Resurfacing Plus! Our team has various deck resurfacing techniques that we'd be very proud to share. Our goal is to make Gilbert, Arizona a better place, one project at a time! 

Pool Deck Resurfacing Process

It is no secret that pool deck resurfacing is a tedious and long procedure. But we assure you that our team can make that process fun and convenient for you! Should you get your pool resurfaced? Here are a few different reasons why your swimming pool needs resurfacing.

The earth's subtle shifting is often the number one suspect for concrete cracks on your pool, and if left unchecked, it can lead to bigger problems.

The paint has faded on your pool decking, and it can no longer reflect heat.

Over time, materials on your pool decking can peel away. This results in some spots being bare and later on, it can lead to structural damage.

If you're planning to sell your home, a damaged pool deck can be an open avenue for you to get low-balled. Or worse, inspectors might not pass it for selling.

Materials for pool deck resurfacing

We use a variety of styles and materials to resurface pool decks in Gilbert. The materials that we use are carefully selected for their quality and aesthetic appeal. Not only does it bring durability to your home, but it also helps it increase its aesthetic value. These materials are also fairly easy to maintain so you can have a convenient and enjoyable time owning a swimming pool. We also use the latest pool equipment during installation. If you're interested in knowing what materials we offer to our clients in Gilbert, continue reading. If you have a different material in mind that is not on our list, feel free to contact us.


Most customers opt for installing pavers because it is a great option for pool deck resurfacing. Pavers can last for a very long time as they cannot be corroded by the harsh chemicals inside the pool. They are a good investment, and they are very easy to replace or repair.

Stamped concrete

You should go for stamped concrete if you want to give your swimming pool superior durability. Stamped concrete replicates natural stone which gives your pool a more aesthetically pleasing view. We can also make the surface of stamped concrete appear more life-like by strategically accentuating stains and shades. It can also be a visual indication of the pool surface's level.

Concrete overlays

If you want your pool decking to have a sleek and seamless finish, consider going for concrete overlays. It is a fast procedure compared to most pool resurfacing methods because it does not require intensive surface preparation before you can apply it to your concrete pool deck. This overlay can give your swimming pool a gorgeous marble-like finish.

Brick or tile

Brick and tile are rarely used to resurface pool decking which makes them very unique. Apart from that, they also offer several benefits. This type of pool resurfacing reduces your maintenance cost, and they give such a comfy feel on your feet. If you select brick and tile as your pool decking resurfacing material, expect that the pool's surface will stay cool even with direct sunlight.

Kool decking

Cool decking is a classic pool resurfacing material since the 1960s because of its top-tier performance. Apart from its nice appearance, it is considered one of the most reliable pool decking surface materials on the market. It supplies traction when wet, and it reflects sunlight, so the surface stays cool. It is both affordable and durable for it can last for a very long time.

Stenciled concrete

Stenciled concrete is the cheapest option, but just because it is affordable doesn't mean that it lacks quality. Stenciled concrete remains one of the best options to go for when you plan to get your swimming pool resurfaced. It mimics the appearance of pavers, flagstones, and even wood, all with the durability of concrete. We use acid stains to make stenciled concrete look a lot like the real thing with thorough details.

How to install a pool deck

Pool refinishing methods vary depending on the products that are being used, but here's a rough idea of the installation process.

Prepare & Repair

We etch, shot blast, or grind the surface of the concrete to make it porous. We also repair existing damages like cracks along with this process.

Clean & Prime

We use a pressure washer to thoroughly wash the surface before letting it dry for primer application.

Mix Product

We follow more specific instructions when mixing products as we prepare them for application. In this step, we also mix in color if needed.

Apply overlay

Depending on the desired look, we apply the overlay by troweling, rolling, or spraying.

Add Patterns & Texture

To add more details, we use specialty tools including stamps, hand-trowels, rakes, and many more.

Cure & Seal

Once the overlay is set and cured, we apply an additional layer of protection by adding a sealer. This enhances stain resistance.

Concrete coating is a laborious and detailed process but with years of experience, the Pool Resurfacing Plus crew knows exactly what to do to make a visually-appealing, long-lasting finish.


We make a basic sweep using a broom or a mop to initially get rid of any debris like grass clipping or dust. To remove dirty spots, we use a hose to spray them off the surface.

Most of our top coatings are moisture and chemical-resistant but it is necessary to clean chemical spills as fast as you can. Commercial cleaners can be used to remove stubborn spots but see to it that the commercial cleaners are non-abrasive and specially formulated for the surface. Use a pressure washer if necessary.


Pool Resurfacing Plus offers a range of textures, colors, and other effects you can mix and match to create the design that suits your personal preference.


Pool Resurfacing Plus offers a variety of color selections, ranging from neutral to bold and vibrant. We also do custom mix just to get the perfect shade that you desire. You can check out our wide range of color charts and if you're still looking for a different hue, just give us a call, and we'll customize it for you!

Textures, patterns & masonry effects

Our crew uses score lines to get various shapes and textures. And saw cuts to achieve unique designs. Pool Resurfacing Plus can have you get the feel and appearance of slate, flagstone, wood, and many more without spending too much. To protect the surface from the usual wear and tear, we coat it to make it even more durable.

Once you decided what design you want for your pool, you can proceed to look at your choices for acrylic top coatings and concrete overlays. If you're unsure of what options to take, contact us, and we'll be glad to be of help!


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Frequently asked questions

Can You Resurface Your Existing Pool Deck?

For minor imperfections or discolorations, it is not necessary to tear up your pool deck. All it needs is a little glow-up, and you can give that to your pool by getting it resurfaced!

What Is the Best Concrete Pool Deck Coating?

Here are the reasons why going for a concrete pool deck is your best option.


Concrete is extremely durable. It can last considerably longer compared to other materials. Apart from that, it is very easy to repair when cracks start to appear on its surface. Once the concrete sets, then it's there for a very long time.

Easy to Maintain

To make concrete even more durable, you can protect it with a sealer. A sealer can keep stains off your concrete, and it also protects it from the usual wear and tear.


A concrete pool deck coating comes in a range of custom designs, textures, score lines, and colors that are not available for other materials. You can pick a certain design that matches your home aesthetic the best. Whether it is granite, brick, slate, flagstone, and many others, Pool Resurfacing Plus will help you with that.

What Is the Cost of Resurfacing a Pool Deck?

  • Condition of the current concrete surface
  • Surface are
  • Type of materials to be used
  • Total workable space
  • Level of details

There is a lot to consider, but you won't need to compute it on your own when you can call on Pool Resurfacing Plus for a free estimate!

How can I keep my pool deck cool?

A lot of people choose Kool pool deck because it remains cool for a long time compared to pavers, tiles, and other pool surfaces that absorb heat and get considerably hot during the summer. To combat that problem, we recommend going for a light color for your swimming pool so it won't absorb much heat.

Are Slip-Resistant Options Available?

We care for your safety so we specially crafted slip-resistant products, which convert any slippery surfaces to non-slip. (Please take note that we cannot be held responsible for accidents including falls and slips.)

How Much Thicker will the Concrete Surface Get with an Overlay?

Our coating can add up to under a quarter-inch of thickness. The thickness can go up to 2 inches if the concrete's surface is uneven because we use our bending overlay.

What If the Existing Surface of the Concrete Has Cracks?

Existing cracks need to be assessed. Pool Resurfacing Plus won't proceed to resurface until we find the best solution to get the cracks repaired.

What Is the Lifespan of the Coating?

A newly installed pool deck has a lifespan of about a decade depending on how well it is maintained. But most well-maintained pool deck surfaces can last as long as 25 years.


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